Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Unexpected mechanical failures happen. AutoSure have a selection of product options to protect you from the unexpected. Designed to provide you with peace of mind, this value added service keeps you & your family & or your client covered with safety in mind in their travels.

This policy offers you compensation in the event of unforeseen mechanical and electrical failure of the components.

We urge you to speak to one of our approved dealers, in order to find the warranty solution that best fits your pocket and your needs. We have a bundle of products designed or each individual. Please contact us, or request a quote to be referred to your nearest sales agent.

AutoSure is committed to providing the most superior products, dedicated to continuous product development to ensure that you have the best possible cover. Our partnerships and cell captives are hand-picked to ensure that the focus remains on profitability, efficiency and sustainability.

All our products, dependant on the agreement with our clients are underwritten by only the best insurers.

Because we care, all of our products offer roadside and emergency services to assist you in the event of a breakdown when you are far from home. Some of these benefits include, policy dependant, Accident tow-in, transmission of emergency messages to loved ones or colleagues, car hire and tow-in to name a few.