Additional Warranty Top-Up

This policy offers you compensation in the event of unforeseen mechanical and electrical failure.

In a tough economic climate, it is comforting to have the security of extra cover, in the event of any form of shortfall. The AutoSure Additional Top-Up Warranty option, is designed to aid you financially in the event of any unexpected mechanical benefit failure shortfall. As a bolt-on to our existing Mechanical Breakdown Insurance range, this product assists in limiting risk and maximizing value.

Should you feel the need to have additional financial assistance, we have a range of products that is able to give you the extra piece of mind. We have two options available and should you contact us or an approved dealer, we will be able to advise what is the best for your pocket and protection.

These product offer additional cover to any existing underlying policy and provide cover to unforeseen electrician and mechanical failure.

This product is proudly underwritten by Centriq Insurance.