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F&I Business Centre


Over many years of dealer consultation and analysing 2nd gross performance, Auto F&I Consulting has been focussing on highlighting the critical importance of the role of the F&I Business manager in a dealership.

 Apart from the selling expectations of products, the F&I Business manager has been bombarded with regulatory and compliance matters, which has made the role of the business manager vital to the dealer business structure. Even as expenses escalate, margins narrow and sales volume decline, dealers continue to find strength in their finance and insurance departments.

F&I will continue to be a sweet spot for dealers and will continue to grow. Our extensive survey of the market has revealed that some of the key dealer expectations of business owners are the following:


Management of the F&I department of the dealership including CSI

Ensuring Company Policy

Is being followed regarding preferred products and direction​

Market intelligence

Forecasting, industry norms, benchmarks and change​


Continuous feedback to dealer principal, communication and reporting

Maximizing Profits

in this department through continually increasing sales​

New product awareness​

Competitors, customer needs and consumer trends


Assessment of areas of potential growth, non performance and risk areas​

Market Conditions​

The pressure of market conditions clearly emphasizes the need for an F&I Business ​


Resolving conflicts and problems within the dealership​

Apart from dealer expectations, the overall value which the F&I departments bring to the dealership, has an influence on the entire business

Sales Staff

  • Less admin
  • More sales time
  • No Finance approval “hassles”
  • Improved profit per unit
  • Backstop for accessory sales
  • F&I Business performance levels vary across the total spectrum of the dealer market, and whilst one should be mindful of the different market segments, i.e. New, used, dealer groups, independent dealers etc, the fact remains that there are certain performance levels that create the bench-marking norms which the market should be measured against. This is where Auto F&I Consulting Services provide expert advice.

How do we do this?

AutoSure / Auto F&I Consulting – Comprising of many varied facets of F&I Management and specialised tailor-made Consulting Services. Our consulting arm equips and enables dealers to correctly maximize and manage 2nd gross opportunities and costs, effectively. Our consultants are specialists in the motor industry and are the preferred choice in consulting and training with regards to:

✓ Supplementary Income Management,
✓ Compliance Solutions, and
✓ Sales and 2nd Gross Training. 

This specialist service provides our clients with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure a long-term maximisation of additional income when working with us, regardless of whether they use our AutoSure products or their own chosen range. Expert consulting, training and development of the Business Manager and associated staff members. Supplementary income consulting services is one of our specialty offerings that we believe to be critical to a dealership’s overall success. Years of accumulated experience enable us to assist the dealership and F & I to maximise their second gross income.

• Increase productivity and profitability of F&I departments
• Increase second gross profit through innovative products
• Enhance CSI and customer retention
• Provide external and in dealership training
• Provide performance monitoring systems
• Provide statistics for projecting performance
• Promote teamwork between departments
• Benchmarking
• Monthly, Bi-Annually, Quarterly and Annual Performance Business Review
An initial introductory session is held with the dealer to establish and assess current position against industry norms and benchmarks which will determine the future needs analysis for your dealership and package offerings that we supply. These packages can be tailored to suit the dealer.
To arrange a consultation session, contact Tony Cillie on 082 452 7368.